A Quick Guide on Beach Wedding Favors, Preparation and Flowers

Say I Love You amidst Rustling Sound of Waves
Sand beneath your feet, the rustling sound of waves, and the beautiful sunset! It just can’t get more beautiful than this. You could have all these beauties of nature incorporated into your wedding by planning a beach wedding. There is certainly nothing more romantic than a beach wedding. So if you are considering a beach wedding, keep the following tips in mind and your wedding will be an affair to remember.

Beach wedding dress
Beach weddings are rather informal so you need a rather informal look to complete the look. Sophisticated and elaborate gowns are a strict no-no for beach wedding themes. Instead you should opt for a simplistic white cotton dress. The idea is to keep it minimal yet utterly sexy and stylish. To complete the look you could choose accessories such as flower hair band. Instead of sophisticated and expensive pumps, opt for an elegant pair of flip flops. The ones which are sequined will look better.

Beach wedding hair
Formal hair buns and elaborate hair do’s should strictly be avoided. For beach weddings you should go in for a hairstyle that is free and laid back.  Tousled hair is ideal for a beach wedding theme.  If you want you could add a few chunky highlights to your hair too. A simple flower band of orchids will work as a perfect accessory. Or you could even have small zebras scattered through the length of your hair. A single white tulip could work equally well for your hair.

Beach wedding flowers
Tropical flowers are the ideal bet for beach weddings. These tropical flowers in bright hues can jazz up the entire venue. While flowers like orchids can be used for the bridal bouquet and bride’s hair, flowers like roses, chrysanthemum and zebras could be used for decoration purpose. An aisle could also be created using palm leaves and a mixture of various colored rose petals. Cala lilies are a great option for beach weddings.

Beach wedding decorations
The decorations at a beach wedding should be reminiscent of the entire theme. Try to keep the décor simple and minimalistic. You could place sea shells of various shapes and sizes in corners, on tables or even on top of the wedding cake. Shell like star fish can be spread across the entire flooring or stuck on walls. You could use glass bowls filled with pearls, sand and shells or glass marbles as centerpieces. Tropical flowers also make wonderful centerpieces.

Beach wedding favors
Hand your guests some simple yet interesting favors that complement the theme. Sea shell shaped photo frame, palm tree favor box, flip flop luggage tags are some exciting beach wedding favor ideas. Candles in the shape of plumeria could also be handed out. These wedding favors are inexpensive and can fit into anyone’s pocket.

Keep these handy tips in mind and make your beach wedding extremely successful.