The Ideal Beach Wedding

What could be a better spot for a wedding ceremony, than the beach, a place where land and water unites! With nothing but the endless skies above you and vast sea to bear witness to your marriage, there could not be a more romantic setting for your wedding reception. It will be a marriage ceremony, which you and your bride will forever cherish.

Here is a list of things to remember when you plan your wedding ceremony on the beach.

* A beach wedding has its limitations. Try to keep the guest list as short and private as possible so that everyone can enjoy the limited space.
* The budget will primarily depend on the scale you wish to plan your wedding. You should account for rental for hiring the beach if someone owns it.
* Decide first, whether you wish to keep the ceremony formal or informal.
* Decide the time of the day in advance. Sunsets are ideal, and so are early mornings. Take into consideration high and low tides and the amount of sunshine at the particular time of day you are planning your wedding. Make sure that the guests are protected against the elements, in case bad weather crops up.
* Try and keep the wedding decorations at the minimum. You really do not require any, considering the picturesque setting.
* Make sure you have proper and sufficient seating arrangements. However, make sure that you have a floor in place. You just might find that the chairs have sunk into the sand!
* If you are thinking of bringing in wedding bands, make sure that they play soul, jazz, or anything soft. A saxophonist or a flute player in the band would be ideal.
* Never, put up a tent on the beach! It will look totally out of place!
* Make sure that have your sun-block lotion!