A Guide to Help Choose the Best Silk Bridal Bouquet

It is wise to choose silk bridal bouquets as they come cheaper and last for a long time. You can indeed save them forever. Besides, they look very close to original flowers and possess original scent too. So, having a silk bridal bouquet is not at all a bad choice for any bride. You may read reasons for choosing silk flowers here .

But, the question is what kind of silk bouquet you should go for?

There are many types of silk bridal bouquets available and it is entirely upon you to choose one of them. I hope the information below helps you choose the best bouquet for you.

Choose by color- The first choice that you could make could be based on color you like. You could look for your favorite color and then get various silk flowers of the particular color assembled for yourself. You could also get some silk flowers custom made in the color of your liking.

Choose by flower- If you like roses, let it be roses. If you like orchids then let them be the final choice. Choose a flower of your choice and get a bridal bouquet made out of it. You could use the various colors of the particular flower and gel them together to form a bridal bouquet. Also, using various flowers and various colors is a preferred choice with many.

Choose by shape- there are various shapes of bridal bouquets. You could choose from nosegay, wired, cascade, trailing, or composite type of bouquet. Another unique shape of bridal bouquet which is quite popular is pomander bouquet which is a small ball shaped bouquet that is made to hang down the wrist of the bride with the help of some ribbon.

Choose by price - You must have a specific budget for your custom bouquet. So, you could also go about selecting one for yourself by the price. Something that is not in your budget is useless to look at. So, you must set a budget first and then see what silk bridal bouquet fits in to the budget.

So, you could choose a custom silk bouquet based on the above stated criteria. But, as you make a choice, also keep the following tips in mind:

* Choose a silk bridal bouquet that matches with the bridal gown. You could choose a simple one if the gown is elaborative or go vice versa.
* You could also opt for a bouquet that matches well with your wedding hair flowers. It will help you pose a simple and elegant combination and look pretty!
* A bouquet that matches with the groom's boutonniere perfectly is the word of the day. So, go for a same to same display!
* Let your silk bridal bouquet be in perfect sync with the wedding theme. It is a must so that it may not look out of the place.