6 Wedding Flower Trends For Bridal Bouquets

Looking for a wedding bouquet? Stick to these hot wedding flower trends and your bouquet is sure to be the talk of the town.

The more the better
Bouquets comprising of single flowers were a hot trend till some time back. They looked elegant and worked well with modern gowns. But, monofloral bouquets are a passé now. The present trend points towards using multiple flowers in a bouquet. Most bouquets use flowers with well defined petals such as peonies, hydrangeas, French tulips and ranunculuses. The profusion of different colored petals makes the multi-floral bouquet a hot choice.

Wrapping it up
Exposing the stems of bouquets is no longer the trend. Wrapping the stems of the bouquet is the latest trend in wedding bouquets. The stems are covered using different layers of ribbons. Ribbons in different colors and different textures are used to wrap the stems of the flowers. Using a ribbon embroidered with a motif could also be a good idea. You could also add a personal touch to the bouquet by using a heirloom handkerchief to tie the bouquet.

Shade and texture

Playing around with different hues of the same color is yet another popular trend in wedding bouquets. The conventional white bouquet has also undergone a twist as different shades of white to create a more texturized look. If you wish to use color, then too you can consider using different shades of the same color. For instance, you could use ranunculus in hot pink color along with peonies in a pale pink shade.

Experimental shapes

The round bouquet is a classic but not a hot pick on the trend list. Cascading bouquets are the latest in wedding bouquets. These bouquets slightly cascade down towards the front. As a result, they appear like an upside down teardrop. The slightly different shape adds a great deal of drama to the bouquet, making the bouquet look absolutely chic and modern.

Mixed media
Gone are the days, when a bouquet was just about flowers. The present day wedding bouquets include a lot more than just flowers. Striped leaves, greenery and foliage serve as the perfect add-ons for the bouquet. Non-floral items like feathers, swarovski crystals, wood pieces and berries are also being added to bouquets to add a dramatic touch. Pearls may also be used to add elegance to the bouquets.

The designer effect
With exotic destinations and designer venue décor, there is no reason for you to skimp on the bouquet. Go in for designer bouquets that come embedded with special effects. For instance, bouquets that are designed using several flowers but look like a single bloom are one example. Bouquets with lights are also a hot choice. Even after your wedding is over, your guests are going to remember your bouquet for sure.