A Bride’s Speech

"Well, I understand that it is a bit awkward for a bride to speak on an occasion like this, but then couldn't help it, the chatter-box that I am! Don't you folks worry, I know this is a wedding reception and that too my very own wedding ceremony, so I personally wanna keep it short, short as a mini-skirt!"

Acknowledge the fact that you appreciate everyone's presence in the marriage. Brides are supposed to be courteous, humble and modest, so try to keep the bride speech as short as possible. Do not stretch it to the extent that people yawn or pass out, just listening to you!

"Mark, you're all that I ever wanted in a man, though now I have increased my expectations! It has been a good long five years since I first saw you. Ok, I know you have been trying to catch my attention for a long time,  but you found yourself tongue-tied so often those days. I know that you love me, and would not let any harm fall on me.

Please do keep me in your loving care always. Mom and Dad, thank you for bearing me and bringing me up with so much love. I know that a thank you does not fit in but I do want to take the occasion to tell everyone how much I love you. I would not have been anywhere without you. Thank you, Natalia for being the most wonderful sister to me and for getting your friends to be my bridesmaids and getting that icing on my wedding cake, right.

I also thank the church for organizing a Catholic wedding ceremony for my marriage. Thank you, thank you everyone for accepting my wedding invitation and for coming here. I really appreciate everyone's presence at our wedding reception today. Mark, I love you...”