Alternatives for Bridal Bouquet

Your wedding day is here and you are busy choosing the best bridal bouquet for yourself. And suddenly you realize that your world be husband is allergic to flowers. So what do you do? Let him sneeze throughout the ceremony while you flaunt your wedding bouquet or act smart and look for alternatives for bridal bouquet.

There are various alternatives that you can carry on your wedding day instead of a bridal bouquet. Carrying something unique and original down the aisle will not just make you the centre of attraction but you will also be a bride to remember. Let us take a look at some other alternatives to a bridal bouquet that can be used in times of need as well as to make a completely new style statement.

Melania Trump made a style statement when she carried a jeweled rosary on her wedding day and so can you. Rosary symbolizes purity and sanctity. There can be nothing better to carry than this holy object. These days, rosaries are available in various styles. You can pick from jeweled rosaries or go for the simple ones, as per your taste.

A single bloom
Carrying a single bloom in your hand is an equally interesting way to place yourself in the atypical bride category. If you choose to carry a large bloom, make sure that you pick the one that is rage in size such as tulip or a gerbera daisy. Alternatively, carrying a single rose bud would look equally stylish.

Heirloom prayer book
For those who have slightly higher spiritual inclinations, there is nothing better than to carry an heirloom book. Heirloom book demarcates the solemnity of the occasion and looks sweet as well.

Single lit candle
This is the perfect choice in case you are going to have the unity candle ceremony as a part of the ceremonial procedures in your wedding. Usually the candle is already placed at the altar before the bride arrives. However, you could carry the candle along with you instead of setting it ahead of time. However, carrying a lit candle can be a little clumsy.

Choosing to carry a framed picture of loved ones who passed away is also a nice alternative to bridal bouquet. By carrying the picture of the past loved ones, you can pay tribute to them. But make sure that you do not overdo it.

Carrying a horseshoe down the aisle is an Irish wedding tradition. The bride holds the horseshoe upwards as it is believed that this helps in collecting all the luck during the ceremony. After the ceremony is over, the horseshoe is hung on front door of the couple's room to bring them luck.

These are just some of the alternatives that you can carry on your wedding day instead of a bridal bouquet. Besides these options, you could also carry anything personalized that you like down the aisle. Go ahead and be a unique bride with these alternatives to bridal bouquets.