East or West – Jewelry Has Its Pride Of Place at Weddings

The word jewelry fascinates women at any time, at any place and on any occasion. As for gold and diamonds, one thing can definitely be said about a woman. She doesn't think much about what she has, but always worry about what she is not possessing! Well, diamonds are a woman's best friend.

Some jewelry items form part of the family tradition. The groom usually presents a piece of jewelry owned by his mother to the bride. Some items are passed on from generation to another. It is the prestige, tradition and the continuity of a sacred tradition. The basis of this tradition is love and affection.

Come the wedding season and the stores begin their advertisement campaigns by individual canvassing as well as through advertisements in newspapers and periodicals. The most intricate designs are sold in thousands!

Your first reaction on visiting any jewelry shop is confusion. You wonder, how small is my budget and how vast is the array of products before me! You go to buy a particular item and end up with buying an altogether new one.

All cultures have a place for wedding jewelry. Western wedding is incomplete without a wedding ring and a wedding band for the bride. Thousands of designs and forms of wedding rings and bands are available in the market. The popular choices are made of  gold and platinum. There are solitaire engagement and wedding rings, antique wedding rings, Victorian wedding rings, traditional setting and what not!

The cultures of Asian and African countries have a very important place for jewelry.  Here brides are adorned from toe to head with jewelry.

In India the bride gets expensive necklaces, pendants and bangles in gold and other expensive metals at the time of her wedding. For her it is a matter of pride.

Once sure about her personal stock of jewelry the bride wears and displays the jewelry with great confidence and pleasure. It is the practice to get some extraordinary looking jewelry sets for her. As for the groom, the jewelry items are simple and limited, but not inexpensive. A groom may wear a ring, a gold chain, and a bracelet.

What are the jewelry items like? This is the most important and common question relating to a wedding. You hear comparisons, comments amongst the guests about who got what at the time of wedding. The most liberal groom or bride is no exception.

Jewelry has something in it that appeals to the emotions and the core of the heart. And wedding times bring that emotion to the fore.