Being The Maid Of Honor

The maid of honor is a critical person to every wedding. She enjoys a great deal of prestige while being endowed with numerous responsibilities at the same time. Here is a sneak peek into the role the maid of honor plays at a wedding.

A title of prestige
Going by the very name, the maid of honor is a title of great prestige. A maid of honor is an important person at a wedding and fetches a great deal of importance. She is always with the bride, partaking in almost every activity associated with the wedding.

Responsibilities too
Being the maid of honor is indeed a subject of prestige. After all, a maid of honor enjoys all the attention. But, this title is not all about fun. It means serious business and comes with a whole lot of responsibilities. Here is a list of a few of the responsibilities that a maid of honor needs to fulfill.

* Zeroing in on the right wedding venue is one of the prime responsibilities that a maid of honor is expected to fulfill. Ideally, the maid of honor checks out various prospective venues with the bride before they zero in on a final one.
* The maid of the honor also helps the bride send out invitations. She can assist in labeling all the invitations and sending them out at the right places. This helps ease out the work load of the bride immensely.
* Helping out with venue decorations is another responsibility of the maid of honor. From giving her ideas on decorations to helping with shopping for décor, a maid of honor is expected to help with everything.
* She also helps the bride in choosing the bridal outfit and shop everything right from accessories to the footwear.
* It is the maid of honor who is responsible for hosting the bridal shower and bachelorette party prior to the wedding. And she has to do this without the assistance of the bride.
* It is up to the maid of honor to keep the bridesmaid in order. She needs to ensure that all the bridesmaids have their dresses in order and have their wedding bouquets in place.
* One of the most important responsibilities of the maid of the honor is to help the bride get ready for the wedding. Right from putting on her dress to taking care of the makeup, she needs to take charge of everything.

Selecting your maid of honor
Selecting your maid of honor can be quite gruesome task. You can take the traditional route by choosing any of your siblings. Alternatively, you can even have your best friend fill the place.