Find the Bridal Bouquet Matching Your Style

Bridal bouquets are not just a custom or a tradition that needs to be followed at every wedding. Instead these bouquets are an essential component of the bride’s attire. People at your wedding are going to eye your bridal bouquet as much you. Thus it becomes extremely important for the bride to be to choose her bridal bouquet with great care. A bridal bouquet should be such that stands in perfect sync with your personality. Know your style and go in for the matching bouquet to flaunt that perfect attitude at the wedding.

The Glamorous Diva
If glamour is your style and you are one of the urbane and dramatic sorts, then lush yet sleek bouquets are the perfect option for you. Opt for a bouquet that puts together both the exotic and traditional variety. A bouquet that is an electric mix of traditional and out of the ordinary blooms will lend you the perfect glamorous look. Opt for vibrant flowers like parrot tulips, orchids, hot chocolate calla lilies, French anemones are some good picks for you.

The Princess
The romantic and ultra feminine brides should go in for a bouquet that talks of their dreamy side. Bouquets such as round pomanders and cascades are the best suited for such brides. However if you are choosing the cascading style make sure that you opt for the sweeter versions and not make it to dramatic to contradict your personality. You could also go in for stems wrapped with laces. Sweet flowers like roses, pansies, peonies are the best for you.

The Bohemian Chic
For those brides who belong to the hip and the wild sorts, oversized bouquets make for the best pick. A hand tied bunch of loosely arranged flowers will be the perfect match for you. Dabble up your bouquet with organic elements like berries, herbs and ferns. Go in for bouquets tied with beautiful lacy ribbons that give a handpicked feel. You could even go in for some dibble bouquets. Sounds weird but will perfectly suit your wild and experimental personality.

The Classic Beauty
Women who are an epitome of elegance and feminism should go in for similar bouquets that match their pristine side. Symmetrical bouquets will be the best for you. Opt for bouquets that are tall and trim. Don’t go in for loose flower arrangements; instead opt for the tightly packed ones. To suit your graceful self, go in for bouquets with stems wrapped in silk and have pearl pins tucked to them. Creamy French tulips, roses, calla lilies, peonies, hydrangea, and wild sweet peas will be some good picks for your bouquet.