How to Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet for a Lifetime?

A bridal bouquet is one of the most important parts of a bride's checklist. If you are about to get married then you are most likely looking for an outstanding bridal bouquet for yourself that would go just too well with your gown. Not only you but all brides pay special attention to this very special part of their weddings.

When selected with utmost care would you not like to keep it with you for a life time? You surely would. And, for that all that you need to do is to get the bouquet preserved via one of the following three methods:

* Silica gel- Under this method, the flowers are immersed in to a sand-like, silicon substance that quickly dries out the flowers.
* The second method is pressing wherein some selected blooms from the bridal bouquet are flattened with the help of a flower press. Thereafter, they are framed.
* The last option is called freeze drying. A spray of starch is done on the flowers which helps set the original colors. Thereafter the bouquet is baked in a freeze-dryer.

All the three types of preservation methods give you full liberty to get the flowers framed or fixed in a glass dome. But, with freeze drying method, you could easily let the flowers stay in an open arrangement. By far, it is the best method that keeps the flowers in their original shape and also keeps their color intact.

Some things to keep in mind
Your bridal bouquet could only be preserved in its original form if you are able to delive it to the preservationist in a good condition. If your bouquet reaches him in a completely withered condition then he would not be able to do much for you. So, make sure that you deliver the bouquet first thing after your wedding is over. Till that time you could keep it refrigerated so that it stays in the best possible shape. Also, pack the bouquet lightly while it is delivered to the preservationist so that the petals may not come off and the flowers get bumped and crushed.

What's the cost?
The cost of getting your bridal bouquet could land up at anything from $50 to $300. You would have to pay for it depending on the method of preservation chosen by you. However, I is advisable to get just a few blooms and not your complete bouquet preserved. It will help you cut down of the cost of preservation.