Real Flower Jewelry For The Bride

Wedding flowers have a lot of significance for the bride. If used in the right manner, flowers can add the perfect dash of beauty and appeal to the bride's overall appearance. When it is about flowers and the bride, all one can think of is the bridal bouquet . However, real flowers can be used in various other ways. The bride could actually go on to adorn herself with jewelry made from real flowers.

Real flower jewelry is the latest thing in vogue. Jewelry made of real flowers exuberate freshness and make the bride look all beautiful and pious. If you do not want to end up looking like the conventional bride, then real flower jewelry is the way to go.  You can use real flowers for the necklace, earrings, and bracelet and even as an anklet.

Real flower necklaces
Necklaces made of real flowers look absolutely stunning. Since you have a wide variety of flowers to choose from, you can always go in for a flower that would go well with your outfit. For instance if you have a highly elaborate gown, then it is suggested that you use rather petite flowers such as baby's breath, cherry blossom etc. Those who want something more elaborate and heavy on the neck can use Phalaenopsis. Bigger flowers work well for outfit6s with a plunging neckline.

Real flower pendants
Not many brides prefer to wear necklaces and want to keep the look minimalistic. If you are one of them, then may be a real flower pendant could be the thing for you. Real flower pendants look really pretty when complimented with a silver chain. Most real flower pendants make use of a single flower. Thus, it is advised that you choose a flower that is bigger in size.  A decent sized gerbera daisy works well when used for real flower pendants. You could also use orchids for the purpose.

Real flower earrings
Real flower earrings may sound a little weird but if the right flowers are used they can make the bride look drop dead gorgeous. When it is about real flower earrings, there are numerous choices to go in for. Daisy is one of the best flower choices for real flower earrings. Using single rose petals as earrings is also a good idea and works well with most outfits. You can either have them sticking to the ear or in the form of hanging earrings.

Real flower bracelets
Here again you need to make a choice as to the kind of bracelet that you are looking for. Do you want a chunky bracelet or are you looking for something simple and sober? If you want a decent and subtle anklet then you could go in for small subdued flowers such as larkspur or leptospermum. Flowers are a good choice if you want a heavy and chunky bracelet. It is important that the color of the necklace and the anklet be the same or at least in sync with each other.

Let real flowers adorn you on your wedding day so that you can look the most beautiful bride ever.