Dress Your Mane With Silk Wedding Flower Headpiece

Who says silk wedding flowers can only beautify the wedding venue? These artificial blooms can adorn your mane as well. Steps in- silk wedding flower headpieces! Wear them in your hair in whichever way you want to and you are sure to look a real stunner.

Quite contrary to what many people believe, silk wedding flower headpieces are not just meant for the brides. You can give them away to the flower girls or bridesmaids as well. If you are using them for the bride as well as the bridesmaids, remember to keep them coordinated.

If you are considering opting for these floral headpieces, you have more than just one way of going about the same. You can go all elaborate by wearing a floral tiara or keep the look simple by tucking in a single flower in your bun.

Wear it like a princess
The tiara is one of the most common ways of wearing silk wedding flowers in the hair. But brides should opt for this one only if they can carry it off. Besides, floral tiaras are only apt for casual weddings. However, you can always have them for your flower girl. To keep the tiara simple, opt for smaller flowers like baby's breath. For a slightly more sophisticated look, go in for Buttercup.

Nip the bud
Adding a single bud to your hair is the best option if you want to look classic yet very modern at the same time. If you want to use a single flower, make sure that you are tying your hair in a bun and not leaving them lose. Here in you need to opt for bigger flowers like Columbine, Cosmos, Hibiscus and Cycaplen. Since these flowers are quite big in size, a single bloom will serve the purpose.

Combed effect
Flower combs are also a great idea if you wish to use a flower headpiece while keeping your hair neat and tidy. These are small little combs with flowers attached on the brim that can be easily tucked into the hair. If you are opting for flower combs, make sure that you choose medium sized flowers like Elderflower, Fosrythia, Frangipani and the like.


For those who wish to have a no nonsense look, flower barrettes are the perfect option. They are hair clips adorned with silk flowers. So while you clutch your hair, you do not have to worry about where to place the flower. Small flowers like Gardenia, Jasmine, Holy and the like serve the purpose best.

Irrespective of which way you choose to wear silk wedding flowers in your hair, you are sure to look elegant and pretty. So, go ahead and discard those fancy jewels that adorn the hair. Go simple, chic and yet very stylish with these silk wedding flower headpieces.