The Right Bridal Bouquet Size

Choosing the right bridal bouquet can be quite a task. You do not just have to watch out for the flowers and the style you use, but exercise absolute caution about the size too. While an extremely large bouquet will completely overshadow you, a very tiny one will get lost in the midst of so many other busy elements. Here is how you can go about picking the right bridal bouquet size for yourself.

Matching the bouquet size to the bride
The basic body structure of the bride must be kept in mind before zeroing in on a particular size for the bridal bouquet. Scaled down bouquets like nosegay or posies work great for petite brides as it complements their physique well. Slim an slender brides may even go in for composite bouquets that wire petals of a single flower to create the illusion of one big flower.

On the other hand, voluptuous brides are better off with larger bouquets. Go in for a round bouquet. While it is not as petite as a nosegay, it isn't as powering as a cascade either. These round bouquets will complement your fuller structure just perfectly.

Matching the bouquet size to the bridal gown
If you are going in for something as elaborate as a ball gown, then big and elaborate bridal bouquets will be the best bet. The more elaborate the gown, the bigger your bouquet should be. However, if your bridal gown has a slimmer and a more fragile silhouette, then go in for small and delicately crafted bouquets. A small nosegay or posy would be the best option here.

You need to be even more careful about the bouquet size when wearing an embellished gown. The size of your bouquet should be such that it does not hide the embellishments on the gown. If your gown is loaded with embellishments, go in for a rather simpler and medium sized bouquet.

Matching the bouquet size to the venue
The size of your bouquet should be in absolute sync with the feel of the venue else it will seem absolutely out of place, if you have opted for a ball room wedding, then a grandeur bouquet like the cascade will best serve the purpose.

However, if your wedding is going to be a rather simple affair in the backyard, then a hand tied bunch of flowers is sure to work well. If you are going in for a wedding with a more metropolitan feel, then think pretty and petite. Too large bouquets simply overpower such arrangements.

Keep these simple parameters in mind and you will be able to choose the right size in bridal bouquet for sure.