Top Tips To Use Wedding Flowers For The Hair

Do you want to flaunt the natural look on your wedding day? If yes, then using flowers in your hair could be the best thing to do. Here are some ideas to adorn your hair with fresh blooms and make them look beautiful.

#1 When choosing flowers to adorn your hair, it is important to consider your wedding dress. If the wedding dress is simple or has more of textures, go in for a single big bloom. On the other hand, if your wedding dress is more elaborate, smaller flower arrangements would be a better choice.

#2 Wedding flowers should be applied only towards the end. Make sure you are done applying the hair spray, gel and the like before you put on the flower. The reason for the same is that flowers are delicate and the chemicals present in these products can damage them.

#3 Do not make the mistake of ordering the flowers on the day of the wedding. Order them a day or two prior. This will leave you with the time for hydrating and refrigerating the flowers. As a result, the blooms will open up and look even more splendid.

#4 Your scalp and your hair may not react positively to every flower. Thus, it becomes important that you test the flower before you use it on your wedding. This will help avoid unwanted skin reactions.

#5 Though every flower comes with pollens, there are some that are flooded with the same. Stay away from these flowers as they could stain your dress.

#6 You always have the option of using small flowers for your hair. But, if you wish to make a classic statement, go in for a single big flower in a color like red or hot pink. Gerbera Daisies are an excellent option here. The red stands out against the white and makes for a perfect style statement.

#7 If you want a less dramatic hairdo, simply tie small blooms to a hair clip. You could use a thin wire for this purpose. Attach flowers on either sides of the clip. This will make you look cute and refreshing.

#8 For a laidback look, use tiny flowers like baby's breath across the hair. This style works best if you have wavy or textured hair. So, if you want poker straight hair for your wedding day, then this style may not be the best option.

#9 Braids could be a great idea if you wish to deck your hair with real flowers on your wedding day. There are so many ways to use flowers for a braid. You could take a long twine of flowers and wrap it around the braid. Or you could tuck in single blooms along the length of the braid.

Follow these tips and your bloomed hairstyle will add manifold to your overall appearance.