Choose Amongst the Various Types of Bridal Bouquets

Of all the floral choices that you have to make for your wedding, the bridal bouquet is the most important one. It has to be an outstanding bunch that may make you look like an ultimate bride. So, here is a list of all the types of bridal bouquets that you could choose from.

Hand tied or nosegay bouquet- is a round dome shaped arrangement of flowers and foliage that are tied at the stem with the help of matching ribbon. It is the simplest, most elegant and off late the most popular form of bridal bouquets. It has a very natural feel and is very pretty to look at.

Wired bouquet- is almost similar to the hand tied bouquet. The only difference is that it is not tied with the help of a ribbon but a wire which makes it easy to hold.

Arm bouquet- is an arrangement of long stemmed flowers and foliage that is held like a cradle in your arm. The stems are adorned with the help of swirling ribbon that may drop down and add to the look of the bouquet. These bouquets are not very popular these days but they are still used in the beauty pageants to be presented to the winners.

Cascade, Shower or Teardrop Bouquet- is the one that is full at the top and flows down from the holder in the form of some tendrils or flowers and ribbons. It could be made by using just a few flowers and is an extremely stylish arrangement!

Trailing bouquet- is a more contemporary form of the cascading bouquet that which is made using fewer flowers.

Composite bouquet- is an unusual bridal bouquet that is created by using the petals and greenery of various flowers. A single big flower is thus formed by wiring these different petals and the end result is a flower that does not exist in nature but is an absolute beauty to look at.

Biedermeier bouquet- is a small and compact bouquet of flowers wherein the flowers are arranged in an alternating ring. Different flowers or different colors of the same flower may be used for the purpose.

Pomander bouquet- is actually a ball of flowers that is tied on to the wrist of the bride with the help of a ribbon. She could also hold the ribbon if not slip it on to the wrist. It goes extremely well if you wish to wear gloves along with it.

These are types of wedding bouquets that you could choose one from, for yourself. Choose the flowers and the style of the bouquet wisely so that you end up getting the best bridal bouquet for yourself.