Unique Bridal Hairstyle Ideas- Deck up Your Tresses with Fresh Wedding Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding. The blossoming buds are used in more than just one way on the D day. Be it in the venue d├ęcor, as bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres or even on the wedding cake. But apart from all these functions, flowers serve yet another purpose. They are used to beautify the tresses of the bride with wedding hair flowers.
Get them on your hair
Flowers can be arranged on the hair in more than just one way. You can choose the flower arrangement on your hair depending upon your ensemble and the kind of look that you wish to achieve. You could use a single flower like an orchid or a cala lily, big or small depending upon your individual tastes and preferences. A chain of flowers such as tulips or roses looks equally good.

If you want something more elaborate or sophisticated then you could opt for a net of flowers. This could be created by your own florist or even made to order. Another idea could be to use a garland of flowers on the top of your crown. A flower arrangement like a cascade on one side works well if you are wearing something elaborate.

Complement thy hairstyle
Always look for flowers that complement your hairstyle. Choose flowers depending on the way you choose to wear your tresses. For instance, if you want something like a braid you could opt for flowers like zebras. For elaborate hair buns that fall on one side you could, a single cala lily would work fine. Alternatively you could even use a string of rose buds. If you are wearing your hair a little high then a white orchid or an orchid will be a good option.

Match them up
The flowers in the wedding hair should be in sync with that of the bridal bouquet. Wedding hair flowers should be similar or in contrast to that used in the veil. Go in for colors that gel rather than ones that contradict each other. To further create uniformity, the bridesmaids can use a smaller arrangement of the wedding hair flowers of the bride.

Use  mix and match
There are various flowers that you could use to dress up your hair. Some of the common options that you could go in for are Rose, Daisy, Peony, Jasmine, Carnation, Peonies, Plumeria and many more. You could mix and match these flowers with hair jewelry and other hair accessories. If you are using a simple flower like a single rose bud you could club it with some hair jewelry. Alternatively you could even mix and match hair clips with the flowers you are using.

Go ahead and make use of wedding hair flowers so that those blossoms not just adorn the entire venue but your hair too.