Wear a Floral Wedding Gown on your Big Day

Flowers are an integral part of every wedding celebration. Right from decorations to bouquets to boutonnieres, every where you use flowers!

With flowers being such an important part of weddings, wedding gowns have also taken a completely new turn. Floral wedding gowns are the buzz of the day with brides who have an exclusive taste. A gown made with all real flowers is just enough to make any bride look nothing less than an angel!

There is no denying the fact that floral wedding gowns are high on price and may not be affordable for everyone! A wedding gown made with fresh flowers could cost as high as $6,500.

You could select the real flowers of your choice and get them arranged over your wedding gown in the way you want. Go for roses, gerberas, tulips, lilies, peonies, carnations or hydrangeas but remember that a big drawback of a wedding gown made with fresh flowers is that its beauty lasts for no more than 24 hours approximately.

If the price seems too high and the survival period of the gown seems too less to you then do not get disappointed. You could enjoy wearing a floral gown even with a low budget. The following two options can help you get the feel of a floral wedding gown that would last for a lifetime while being light on your pocket!

A wedding gown made with silk flowers
Opt for a wedding gown with silk flowers. There is a lot of variety available in terms of colors and fabrics. The flowers look very close to original and would not even fade out after years. The cost of these wedding gowns depends on the fabric, make, and design of the particular floral wedding gown.

DIY wedding flower gown
If you do not want to spend much and still get yourself a wedding flower gown then there is a brilliant idea! Do it yourself! Yes, it's easy and very much affordable. Just get a wedding dress of your choice and get silk flowers of your favorite colors. Fix them on to the dress using fabric glue, in the desired pattern. Thus, you could make a floral wedding dress on your own for a very less price as compared to the one available in the market.

You could also get a wedding gown with a floral print and go on to highlight the motifs with the help of pearls and frills and thus make yourself a beautiful floral wedding gown. Thus, you could get for yourself the best floral wedding gown for much lesser a price.

Flowers are used all over the wedding ceremony for decoration purposes and what could be a better idea than to make your wedding gown go perfectly with the rest of your wedding arrangements. So, think no more about it and get yourself the most beautiful wedding gown all adorned with the flowers of your choice!