Having A Wedding Flower Checklist is Must!

When it is about wedding flowers, there is more than just one wedding flower requirement that needs to be fulfilled. Thus, it would only be wise that you maintain a wedding flower checklist. A wedding flower checklist will help you ensure that you do not skip any important wedding flower requirement.

Bridal bouquet
This is the most important wedding flower requirement. The bridal bouquet should be ready well in advance to avoid any last minute problems. Check for the availability of the flowers that are needed for the bridal bouquet.

Throw away bouquet
Check if the bride needs a throw away bouquet. The throw away bouquet could be a miniature version of the bridal bouquet.

Bridesmaids bouquets
Make sure that you do not miss out on to the bridesmaids bouquet. The bridesmaid's bouquet should be in sync with the bridal bouquet.

Other bouquets

You may also need a bouquet for the maid of honor, flower girl or any other female attendant that you want to honor.

Groom's boutonniere

Ideally a groom's boutonniere requires a single flower so it should not be much of a hassle. Check if the groom's boutonniere needs to match with the bridal bouquet.

Other boutonnieres
You would also need a boutonniere for the best man, groomsmen and the usher. In some cases, people might just want boutonnieres for all the male attendants in the wedding.

You would need corsages for the brides and groom's mother and grandmother. Corsages would also be needed for godmother and personal assistants. In case, the guest book attendant, soloist, reader, candle lighter etc is female, you will need additional corsages. Since you need to give away corsages to a lot of females in the wedding, it would be better if you have some extra corsages in place.

Altar arrangements
Check where all you would need floral arrangements in the altar and how many flowers would be needed for the same.

Main entrance arrangements
The main entrance needs to be decorated with flowers. Consider the kind of flowers and the quantity of flowers you will require to decorate the main entrance.  

If you want to decorate the tables with floral centerpieces, then you would need wedding flowers for that as well.

Many couples prefer fresh wedding flower decoration over the cake. For the cake, make sure that the color of wedding flowers matches with the color of the cake.

Buffet table
You would also need to decorate the buffet table with wedding flowers. Check if you want to decorate the buffet table across the entire length or only at the ends.

Other tables
Wedding flowers would also be needed to decorate other tables such as guestbook tale, gift table, place card table, guestbook table and others.

Keep your wedding flower checklist in place and you will be able to have all your wedding flower requirements without missing on to anything.