Cake Toppers Are the Icing on the Wedding Cake

A wedding is a special occasion that comes once in a lifetime. You will always cherish the occasion throughout your lifetime. Even once you have settled down, the memories will remain fresh in your mind. Your wedding photographs, a copy of the invitation card, wedding souvenirs and other such memorabilia will always bring back those cherished memories.

Another great way to remember your wedding is to keep and treasure the cake topper from your wedding cake. Not only does a cake topper look great on your cake, it is something you can bring back and stash away in a nice safe place.

There are so many great ideas that you can choose from when you select a wedding cake topper. Cake toppers can be figurines of the two of you as a couple. The figurines can be made to resemble anyone.  Cake toppers can also be of just you and your spouse’s initials. Figurine cake toppers can be around 6 to 7 inches tall and are usually made of clay.

When deciding on the cake topper for your wedding, think carefully about what you want. The first place that you can search is the internet. Look at the wide variety and selection from which you can make your choice. If you are having a theme wedding, like a beach wedding then your cake toppers can be based on the theme.

Cake toppers can be made of porcelain or poly resin or even a collection of lace, ribbons, plastic and glass amongst a host of other material.

If you have a yen for something that is unique and always make a style statement in whatever you do, then consider a customized wedding cake topper. There is no limit to the type of cake toppers that you can have for your wedding cake. Just use your imagination.