How to Use Flowers to Decorate a Wedding Cake?

The wedding cake is a very important part of all your wedding preparations. It has to be well decorated and of a great flavor. Even the plainest of wedding cakes could be best decorated with the help of real flowers!

Roses, carnations, orchids, tulips, lilies, or any flower could be used for the purpose. And, you may not know about it but decorating your wedding cake with real flowers would cost you a lot lesser than the sugar-paste flowers.

Now, the question is that how can you go about decorating your wedding cake with real flowers. Well, the first and the foremost thing is to choose an appropriate color scheme. Make sure that the flowers that you choose are in sync with your wedding colors. For example, if red is the theme color of your wedding then hues of orange, yellow, peach and apricot would all go well with it.

Next, you have to decide on the type of flowers to be used over your wedding cake. Actually, almost all the flowers look great on wedding cake. They could be the simple ones like daisies or gerberas or the exotic ones like tulips and orchids. Just look the best color match that you could get in various types and then make a choice. You could also opt for edible, crystallized flowers. They are real flowers that are treated to make them stiff and are then coated with fine sparkles.

After the choice of flowers has been done, choose the d├ęcor design. You would have to see if you want flowers on each tier or just a single bunch. Do you want the flowers to edge the bottom layer of the cake or just place them on the top? Also, you would have to decide if you want full flowers to decorate the cake or just the petals.

Next, you would have to choose among the various cake styles. Whether you want a traditional 2 to 3 tier cake or go for a more contemporary style. A lot depends on the style of cake you would choose.

Last but not the least; make sure that you order for extra flowers to be used in the decoration of the cake table. It is very important that the flowers used on the cake and those on the cake table are similar so that the arrangement looks complete!