Icing Wedding Cake with Fresh flowers

So you thought that flowers at a wedding were only meant for the bride or for decoration purposes? Well, not really. Now these blossoming buds can even find a place in your wedding cake.

But floral decorations on that cream cake are not something that is new. True, but in earlier times these flowers were made of cream or a flora design was simply engraved on the cake.  These days, fresh flowers straight from the garden pave their way on to the wedding cake.

Mix and match
The flowers that you use on the wedding cake should be in some sync with other flowers that are used in the wedding. The wedding flowers could match the flowers in the bridal bouquet. It is not necessary that wedding cake flowers and bridal bouquet flowers be similar. The idea is to set a contrast and fine balance between the two that your wedding cake flowers does not look out of the place.

Safety check
Certain flowers are poisonous and toxic. Use of such flowers on the wedding cake should strictly be avoided. Some of the toxic variety of flowers includes cala lily, hyacinth, tulip, snowdrop, and hydrangea. Always check with the wedding florists as to which flowers are safe and which is not. You should also ensure that the flowers that you intend to use on the wedding cake are devoid of any pesticides.

Flowery icing
Flowers can be arranged on the cake in various ways. You could simply scatter them in a bunch on top of the cake or arrange them in corsage style. If you are arranging the wedding cake flowers in corsage style by putting them in food safe plastic picks which can then be inserted into the cake. Another way of arranging fresh flowers on cake could be by using special flower holders.

You could get more creative with wedding cake flowers by creating a flower cascade from that can stretch from top of the cake to the bottom. Even the cake tires could be made of fresh flowers.

Make your pick
You have ample choice as regards your wedding cake flowers. Some of the commonly used flowers on wedding cake include rose, petunia, tiger lily, daisy and orchid. Other edible flowers that you could put to use are pansy, thyme, apple blossom, orange blossom, cornflower and oregano. These flowers could be used as it is in their natural form or could be crystallized with sugar and then put to use. If you are not very convinced with the idea of having fresh flowers on your cake, you could switch to other options like silk flowers, fondant flowers, marzipan, or even fruit.

Dash up your wedding cake with the flowers of your choice and see not just the tonfgue bute the eyes too ask for more.