A Guide on Yellow Wedding Flowers

Yellow is the color of warmth and happiness. And if you want the feeling of happiness to dominate your wedding then yellow wedding flowers are the perfect option. These bright yellow wedding flowers will fill the air with happiness and warmth.

Pick the right yellow blossom

When it is about yellow wedding flowers, you have multiple options to choose from. From the conventional yellow roses to the slightly unusual choice such as hollyhocks and cosmos, you have ample options. Here are some of the popular choices for yellow wedding flowers:

* Roses: A bunch of yellow roses will make for a perfect bridal bouquet. Club this with white filler and lots of greenery and the bouquet is sure to catch several envious eyes. There are several varieties of yellow roses that you can put to use.

* Lilies: Arrange yellow lilies in the form of horizontal bouquet and you are sure to create a nice flower arrangement for the venue d├ęcor. You could even club them with white or yellow cala lilies.

* Tulips: The flower can be used alone or in combination with other flowers. Yellow tulips wok well for corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets and centerpieces.
* Daffodils: Yellow daffodils bring the perfect feeling of spring. These flowers look great as corsages.

* Gerberas: If you want blooms with large heads then gerberas are the perfect option for you. Gerberas come in an array of bright hues, so you could mix and match gerberas of various colors.

Some other yellow wedding flowers that you can put to use are freesia, tulips, yarrow, carnations,  pansy, mums, straw flower and many more.

Using yellow wedding flowers in multiple ways

You could add these yellow wedding flowers to your wedding in more than just one way. They can be used for bouquets, corsages, button holes, centerpieces, ad for other venue arrangements. For thr bridal bouquets flowers such as roses and lilies are the ideas bet. However, if you want something different you could even tulips. Tulips work great as centerpieces.

Flowers like yellow cala lilies can even be used as decoration along with other bright colored flowers in fuchsia to decorate a wedding cake. A single yellow tulip or lily when planted on bride's hair looks equally good.

Mix and match

One always has the option of using yellow wedding flowers singularly. However, yellow wedding flowers can even be used in combination with other flowers as well. If you have planned a yellow theme wedding then use only yellow flowers. On the other hand if you don't want it 'too yellow', you could use other bright colors such as pink, red and even purple along with yellow wedding flowers. For instance yellow and pink tulips work well when used in combination.