Choosing Wedding Flowers as Per Season

Fresh flowers are like a soul to a wedding celebration. Especially when you plan a floral theme wedding! But all flowers are not available through out the year. So it becomes very important to know about what types of flowers are available during various seasons of the year.

Flowers Available during spring
Spring is symbolic of a lot of vigor, color and happiness and flower choices for a spring wedding are numerous and beautiful! Some of the most popular wedding flowers that are available during the spring time are- Anemone, Bells of Ireland, Daffodils, Casa Blanca Lilies, Hyacinth, Lilacs, Peonies, Sweetpeas, Tulips and Wax flowers.

Flowers available during summer
The bright sunshine in summers is symbolic of all the new happiness that is about to seep in to the couple's life forever and every day like itself. Bright summer weddings could all be adorned with- English Lavender, Forget me not, Gerbera Daisy, Hydrangea, Iris, Stephanotis, Sunflower and Tuberose.

Flowers available during Fall
Although fall is said to be the sad season of the whole year, it has its own charm. Fall is not completely derided of flowers and so if you wish to marry during fall then too you have a lot of choice. If you have a fall flower wedding planned for yourself then you could choose amongst Dahlia, Marigold, Statice, Zinnia, Aster and the ever favorite dried leaves for decorations.

Flowers available during winters
Winters are the perfect snowy time to tie knot with your life partner. When the background is all white with snow, floral weddings have a charm of their own. There are a lot of winter wedding flowers that you could choose from and plan the decorations accordingly. The wedding flowers available during winters are- Camellias, Daffodils, Jasmine, Narcissus, Lilies, Tulips and Wax flowers.

Flowers available throughout the year
Apart from the seasonal flowers there are certain flowers that are available throughout the year. You may plan you wedding during anytime of the year, these flowers would be available to decorate your great day in the most beautiful way. These flowers are- Roses, Calla Lilies, Carnations, Eucalyptus, Gardenia, Orchids, Lily of the Valley, and Protea. Although roses form the most common choice amongst most of the people, there are several unique choices like orchids also available, throughout the year.