Take a Look at Some of the Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Flowers are an inevitable part of wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Right from bridal bouquets to wedding decorations, nothing can be done without flowers. Earlier, roses formed the most favored choice of wedding flowers among all the would-be couples.

Although the popularity of roses as the wedding flowers is still high, there are also a lot many pother flowers that have become increasingly popular. So, here are the names of a few most popular wedding flowers that are loved by all!

Calla Lilies are the single petal flowers with an amazingly unique and beautiful shape. They have pink, orange, maroon, red, yellow, magenta, peach, amber, gold, black cherry and fuschia color to offer. Not only these colors but several light and dark hues of these colors are available for you to select from.

Stephanotis is the beautiful, tiny white flower that could add a lot of elegance to your wedding. This four petal flower may not have colors to offer but it surely has a lot of beauty, innocence and elegance to offer.

Tulips are the true declaration of love and passion and therefore are the perfect wedding flowers for all. They are available in blue, lavender, purple, pink, red, yellow, white, orange and various hues of these colors. There are also twin shaped tulips available that could be used for special decoration purposes.

Roses are the all time favorites. May they have become very traditional as per the contemporary norms but they are still the most widely used wedding flowers. They are available in white, red, pink, yellow, and even black. The beauty of roses is known to all and therefore there is no denying the fact that they are still the most popular choice for wedding flowers.

Hydrangeas are the most popular choice of wedding flowers for summer weddings. The flower is available in soft pastel shades of baby blue, yellow, pink, white, ivory, lavender and red. These are small flowers that can lend a real classy tough to any floral wedding.

Orchids are the next on the list. Known for their extremely unique tropical beauty, they are amazing flowers for wedding decorations and bridal bouquets. You have almost 28000 shades and types of orchids to choose from. With this number of choices, they are surely a right placement among the most popular wedding flowers.

Peonies are half lotus and half roses. This beautiful flower has a yellow center to it and is amazingly beautiful. It is available in pink, magenta, purple, white, red, yellow, and lavender colors. Whether half abloom or fully open, it is an absolute delight to look at and decorate your wedding with.