Why Roses are the Perfect Choice for Your Wedding?

When it comes to flowers there is nothing that can beat roses. They are the symbol of love and beauty and are therefore the perfect choice for your wedding. The best thing about roses is that they depict a class and style that is unparalleled and unmatched. They perfectly suite the traditional as well as the contemporary choices of individuals and so are perfect for any and every wedding.

What makes roses such a favored choice of the majority?

Roses are affordable despite their mass appeal and high demand. There are more than 120 varieties of roses available commercially. You have ample choice and that too at quite affordable rates. Despite their unequaled charm, roses are not expensive like other hyped flowers such as orchids.

Depending on the color, quality, and kind of roses, the price of a single stem could be as low as $1.5, thereby making it affordable for almost all.

Roses are said to be the symbol of love and romance. Take a look at any romance novel, writing, poetry, painting or any form of art. Where there is love, there are roses. What makes love relate with roses is the Greek story of its origin. According to Greek mythology, rose was created by the Greek Goddess of flowers- Chloris. It was further blessed by the goddess of love, god of wine, three graces- joy, brightness and charm and the sun god. Thus, the origin of rose itself justifies it being symbolic of love and romance.

Roses offer a wide variety and thus there is a lot of choice available for the buyer. The three main types of roses used in weddings are- Hybrid tea roses, Spray roses and garden roses. While hybrid tea roses have a longer life where they would last the whole day without getting wilted, the spray roses carry 5 to 10 flowers on a single stem. In contrast to these two, the garden roses are fuller and lusher. They are quite fragile because of being quite open.

Roses offer a lot of versatility of arrangement. You could arrange them in any way and they would look WOW! Whether you wish to have a classic or a contemporary flower arrangement, roses would do the dew. You could easily club any other flowers and colors with them and make arrangements that would leave your guests praising the decoration for years.

Above all, what makes roses the most favored choice for individuals is the fact that roses are simply perfection embodied in a flower. When love and romance is in the air on your wedding day, nothing would adorn the environment as perfectly as roses.