A Catholic Wedding Checklist

It is always better to plan your wedding well before time. Every event of the wedding must be well thought out and sorted way before time to avoid last minute confusions. If you have planned a Catholic wedding, you know there are a lot of traditions and restrictions attached to it. There is a simple rites wedding and an elaborate wedding with an included Mass in it. It is always better for you to decide before time so that the preparations go on accordingly. Here is a sample of a complete Catholic wedding checklist.

12 months or before
It is necessary that you decide on the kind of wedding you wish to have; an elaborate one, a simple one or a traditional one? Once you are clear on that, choose your wedding date, time and the location. Be smart to select and book the church you want the wedding to take place in because the churches are usually booked for two years or over. Then is the time to look into other things like the permissions from the home parishes, baptismal requirements and the like.

9 months or before
In case of a Catholic wedding, the parish may require you to attend some programs or seminars like the Pre-Cana; make a list of these and put them on your calendar. You must start meeting up with the church officials to know about the intricacies of the marriage ceremony, liturgies etc. Also, get to know about the rules and restrictions of the church. Certain churches may sometimes ask for the religious affiliations of the bridal family.

6 months or before
Now is the time to get a little tasteful; choose the choir, songs to be sung at various different moments and have them approved by the church. Also, think about getting your wedding cards ready so fix a meeting with the concerned person.

3 months or before
It is the time of submission. Your liturgies and ceremonial schedule must go to the church for a final nod.  Generally, the court allows the family to fully participate in the wedding as commentators and lectors during the wedding mass. Even the idea of church décor should be in place by now. You guests lists, venue for the rehearsal dinner should be finalized three months from the wedding.

Two months or before
Get the wedding bann posted. Seek permission from the church. These days the banns are put up outside the church so that anyone having a problem with the wedding reports well in time. Post your invitation so that your guests have enough time to respond back.

3-4 weeks
Plan the final ceremony, post the rehearsal dinner invitations, assign duties to the ushers, and check the menu and the alike arrangements. If it is a case of interfaith wedding, talk in detail to the church and fulfill the formalities.

Day before
Rehearse your planned wedding and you are now all set for the big day!