Church Wedding Flowers- Tips on Choosing Right Blooms for Decoration

Marriages certainly are made in heaven but they are celebrated on the earth. There are various ways in which the D day can be celebrated. There are fancy and informal versions like beach weddings or more formal type celebration such as ball room weddings. While each of these celebrations has a charm of their own, church wedding are the best.

There is nothing that can be compared to the purity and sanctity of a church. Flowers play a crucial role in church wedding as in any other wedding. Here is how to go about placing flowers in the right manner on a traditional church wedding.

Look for the areas to be decorated

The first step in using flowers for a church wedding is to consider the areas that need to be decorated with flowers. You would want to decorate the lynch gate, entrance, pew ends, and isle ends. Alternatively could consider decorating the columns, altar steps and window ledges.

It is only once you have decided what the areas that call for decoration you will be able to figure out the kind of flower arrangements. Evaluate ach and every area that needs to be decked with flowers really well.

Opt for the perfect flower arrangement

Now that you have figured out what all to decorate, you need to decide how to decorate. There are various kinds of flower arrangements that you could opt for in a church wedding. Here are some of the options that you could go in for.

* Table vases. Fill u a simple vase with any kind of blooms preferably red roses.
* Candle arrangements. Floral arrangements with candles can make for a great idea for church weddings. Use flowers in bright colors such as orange and yellow.
* Floor urns. These kinds of flower arrangements are good where churches have more space. You could use daisies or chrysanthemums for these flower arrangements. Even hibiscus is a god option.
* Cascades. Cascades add to the elegance factor in a church wedding. White orchids and cala lilies work great for this flower arrangement.
* Garlands. You could use table garlands depending upon the size of the altar.

Choose the right flower

Orchids, roses and lilies are the preferred choice for church weddings. Tulips also work great for church weddings. The kind of flowers that you choose should depend on the area that you want to decorate with it. For instance if you are looking for flowers for the lynch gate opt for bigger and more visible blooms like hibiscus. If you want flowers to fill in an empty space you could use carnation, hydrangea along with other greenery. Ferns also work as the great filler.

With the floral decoration of your church wedding in tact, your marriage is surely going to be blossoming.