Dress Up Your Bridesmaids In The Most Fashionable Colors

If you want to create the perfect wedding then it is important that you look into every detail including your bridesmaid's dresses too. You do not want to be seen with your bridesmaids wearing ugly dresses or not-so-happening colors on your D day. Here are some cool color options that you could have for your bridesmaid's dress.

Black is one color that will never go out of vogue. The color suits most women so you will not have to worry whether color will look apt on your bridesmaids or not. Also, the color is quite slimming. The best part is that you can modify this color to suit your requirements. You can go in for a short black dress for a more casual feel or a long black gown if you have a formal wedding.

Pink has always been a hot favorite for bridesmaid's dresses. The color is both flirtatious and innocent at the same time.  And the best part is that this color gives you a wide range of shades to choose from. From pale pink to darker shades such as fuchsia, you have ample options to go in for. Pink color is a good choice for the bridesmaid's dresses if you are planning a spring or an outdoor wedding.

This one is quite a bold color option and works well for elegant wedding. Use this color if the skin tone of your bridesmaid is olive, brown or even wheatish. Make sure that you are not using too jarring shades of this color. Try to use muted shades of this color.

Romantic and absolutely feminine, this one is a great choice for your bridesmaid's dresses. Also, this color goes perfectly with every bride's dress. When using this color, try to go in for dresses that use maroon as a part of a color combination. Bridesmaid's dresses that use maroon and hunter green as a combination are a great choice.

Royal blue
This is the perfect option for those who think of black as a morning color. Royal blue spells class and elegance. This color works perfectly for the bridesmaid's dresses in a ballroom wedding setting. Make sure that you do not use too dark shades of this color as they are jarring on the eye.

This one is the hottest fashion trend of the season. It is bold, colorful and gives you a wide range of shades to choose from. You could also go in for dresses that use different shades of purple. Dresses that use a combination of pale lilac and dark lavender are a great choice. Avoid purple if the bridesmaid's are too heavy.

Dress up your bridesmaids in these cool and chic colors and they are sure to complement you well.