Rent A Wedding Gown- Why And Why Not?

If you do not have the money to buy it, you can always go ahead and rent it. The idea of renting is no longer just applicable to houses and luxury cars, but wedding gowns as well. A decent wedding gown can cost you a hell lot of money. In case you do not have that kind of money, a rented wedding gown is just the perfect option. But, as all things have a good and a bad side, a rented wedding gown is all likely to not fit you as well as a tailor made gown would.

So what do you do? Should you take a wedding gown on rent or not? Find out for yourself by understanding both the advantages as well as the disadvantages of a wedding gown rental.

Huge savings. You spend huge money in buying that perfect wedding gown for yourself. You wear it for once and then the gown lays well stored in your cupboard forever. If you are the one who does not find it worth spending so much for one single day, then a wedding gown rental is 'the' option. Wedding gown rental can help you make huge savings.

No worries about maintenance. You come back home tired from the wedding and you are immediately worried about preserving your wedding dress. But, this is not the case if the wedding gown you are wearing is rented. Once you are done with the wedding, return the gown and forget about it.

Best for destination weddings. Carrying a wedding gown along can be a big hassle if you are planning a destination wedding. Not just the wedding gown requires huge space but it also needs to be stored carefully else the gown could be damaged. You need not get into all these hassles if you choose to rent the gown at the planned destination itself.

Fewer options. When you are getting your wedding gown made, you have the absolute choice to get anything and everything stitched on earth. But the same is not the case when you are going to rent a wedding gown. In the case of wedding gown rentals, you are restricted to only a few options.

Fitting problems. A tailor made wedding gown is meant to fit you in the best possible manner and accentuate your lovely figure. But, this is not the case with wedding gown rentals. Herein, you have to adjust to whatever size or fitting is available.

Lack of personal belongingness. A wedding gown is of course something very personal and important. But, if it is rented there is always a lack of personal belongingness. Also, you will not be able to preserve your wedding dress as a memory.

So, these are the various pros and cons of getting a rented wedding gown. The sole decision is yours and you must make that after having a good at all of these points.