The Veil Should Complement Your Wedding Gown

The wedding ceremony is only a couple of hours away and your bridal veil is still not ready yet. To avoid such a possible embarrassing situation you should always take out enough time to plan and shop for your wedding accessories. Do not wait for the last minute about the type of veil you wish to wear.

At a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony and service, when the bride walks down the aisle, everyone looks carefully at the bride and the bridesmaid’s attire. A stylish bride with a nice wedding gown, without the right kind of veil will look totally out of place.  A well-crafted veil lends grace and charm to the bride’s features and gives her an air of poise and dignity during the nuptials and the wedding reception.

The veil should always be well decorated as it will be very prominent on the bride’s face. The common misconception is that it should not be decorated. It should be decorated, but it should not look too ornate. It should match the styling and color of the dress. Beaded combs, back pieces, a tiara, a Juliet cap, a mantilla and a crown will complement the dress beautifully. Then of course, if you are in doubt, stick to floral headwear.

The length of the veil should be up to the waist or it should cover the full length of the gown. Whatever the length of the veil is, it should match the gown and not interfere with it. Please do not go for fingertip veils, as they look totally out of the place and give the bride a very miserable look. A detachable veil is always the best option.