Tips on Lingerie for Your Wedding Night

The marriage has finally taken place. Wedding reception, bachelor party, wedding cake, endless days of wedding planning and commitment ceremonies are all over. Left before you, is the most anticipated night ahead and the final ceremony of getting close to him and knowing him. Men always fall for a sexy piece of lingerie.

You should pay attention to bridal lingerie. It could be anything from Basque, Camisole set to that stunning night dress. Here is a list of tips for making that very careful but, absolutely must choice for wedding night lingerie:

* Always buy a complete set, that'll include hosiery, lingerie, gloves and shoes.

* Monochrome colors signify purity and virginity. White will simply be splendid.

* Always try and take your bra measurements with the help of a professional corsetiere. It should be comfortable and should complement your figure. Always take measurements from both above and below the bust line. Be extra cautious while measuring round the waist and hips.

* You won't require padding and push-up bras. He really wouldn’t care about such minute details!

* Always note down the measurements in inches.

* Underwear is usually designed to fit a figure of 5'5" but they maybe altered according to the size and shape of the person.

* Put on some beautiful pieces of jewelry. Anything that he'd gifted you will only be better.

* You must be comfortable with yourself. He shouldn't feel that you're not at ease. So feel positive and be positive!