What are you wearing for your Wedding?

“What do I wear for my wedding?” This is probably the first question that arrives in the mind of the to-be bride. As soon as the wedding date is fixed, the preparations for the wedding ceremony get started. And, the wedding dress of the bride forms an important part of the whole affair.

Wedding dress has a lot of significance in most of the cultures, all over the world. However, you will see a lot of variation in the east and the west.

Western Culture
In the west, the brides wear a white wedding gown. White is considered to be the color of innocence, purity and virginity. The western culture stresses on the use of this formal color on the occasion of wedding. Since White depicts class and status, it has been closely associated with the wedding ceremonies in the west. The wedding dress is a symbol of social status and therefore it has to be white in color.

Eastern Culture
In the eastern hemisphere, the women prefer the color red. It is the formal color of wedding dresses. In China, women wear red gowns. In India, women wear red sarees for the occasion. But, in the modern times, several other colors have also become popular. In India, green color also holds significance.

Whether you look at the Eastern or the Western traditions, you would find that the wedding dress holds a special position in the lives of women and is a matter of great concern during wedding ceremonies. These dresses have always been one of the prime concerns of all cultures and a lot of heed is paid to their designing.

In the modern times wedding dress designing has become very creative with designers paying a lot of attention to this sacred attire. These dresses have been a significant part of the wedding ceremonies and will continue being so till the time people believe in the institution of marriage.