About Disney Weddings

She is your Cinderella and you are her Prince Charming. Welcome to the fantasy world of Disney Weddings. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to tell your bride how much she means to you. She would be thrilled to be decked up in all that fairytale bridal wear.

Brides cherish the idea of a romantic wedding and Disneyland provides the right place to host your wedding ceremony and  reception. Disney promises to arrange  everything for you, right from the wedding cake to the bridal attire, you will have it all.

Disney weddings offer you two kind of wedding packages, one is the intimate wedding, in which you can invite a maximum of only twenty guests; the other is the open wedding package where there is no restriction on the number of guests.

They will provide you with special wedding transportation such as the Landau carriage, Cinderella's carriage, vintage cars, limo's, and mini buses. Disney also arranges for Catholic wedding ceremonies and provides wedding planner and wedding coordinators to look after all your marital arrangements.

You will be given a customary private procession of all Walt Disney characters. There will be a  wedding band, which will play famous and popular numbers from Walt Disney animated movies.  In fact, your guests will get unique invitations, crafted out of Disney characters and the wedding cake will be custom built for you. Besides these, the basic theme of the wedding will be Disneyland. Other things such as the wedding favor, wedding flowers, candles, and other wedding accessories will be based on Disney as well.