How to Make a Headpiece for the Flower Girl?

Flower girl headpiece is a very important part of the bride's checklist. But, you may often end up finding not exactly what you want; besides sparing so much of dollars. So here is your guide to diy at budget.

It is quite easy to make a circlet headpiece for your flower girl yourself. The following steps would easily guide you through the procedure.

Step 1
Just collect some lace, ribbons, scissors, glue, a thick stem, some tiny lace flowers, and a few pearls. You could also pick some real flowers of your choice.

Step 2
Take the floral stem. It need not be a real one. You could easily get one of these at a craft store. Bend it into a circle that may fit to the head of the flower girl. Let the two ends be joined with the help of glue. You could also use small piece of wire to put the two ends together.

Step 3
Take the ribbon that you would like to make the base with and let it go round around the circlet with the starting end fixed with the help of a little glue. After you are through with the complete circle, let the loose end be glued to the circlet.

Step 4
Take some lace and pearl string to decorate the circlet covered with the base ribbon. You could go the similar way as in step 3. Let the loose end be again glued to the circlet on the underside of the back of the headpiece.

Step 5
Hang down some curled lace or ribbon from the back of the circlet, if you want. Fix a few strings of ribbon on the underside of the back of the piece.

Step 6
Now take some real or silk flowers, as you may desire and stick them on the outside of the back of the piece. They would do a very good job in concealing rough spots, if any.

Step 7
Now you could add a few more pearls and beads as per your wish to the rest of the circlet and let it dry out for a few hours before it is ready to wear.

Thus, you would get a headpiece for you flower girl that would all be different. You could choose the flowers and decorations of your choice and lend it a personalized touch. Also, it will look very different from the ones that you would get at the various stores. Last but not the least; it would also help your flower girl save on a lot of money that she would have otherwise spent.