How to Make Bouquets at Home?

Bouquets are an integral part of any wedding. Whether it is the bouquet for the bride or her bridesmaids or you are carrying one of these bouquets as a guest, these arranged blooms do have a special importance. Getting a bouquet is no tricky job as you can find them in ample variety at any of the florist nearby.

But, how about a homemade bouquet?
Creating your on bouquet at home will help you safe a few of those precious bucks. And more importantly homemade bouquets have a sense of special feeling and care attached to the, since you will be putting some effort in making them.

But hold on creating your own homemade bouquet will not require as much effort as you think it could. The job can be done in a few simple and easy steps. You may not be able to match the excellence and finesse of a florist but you will certainly be able to create worthwhile. And when you tell people at the wedding about your creating, you sure will receive some praise.

Since you are no expert you can begin with something simple like a calla Lily bouquet. To create this bouquet, you are going to need a few things like some beautiful Calla lilies, ginger leaves, waterproof tape, and adhesive to stick.

Steps to begin…
Begin by chopping off the apexes of some of the ginger leaves that you have. This is done in order to make the leaves more pliable. Doing so will ensure that you do not have problems stacking up your bouquet later on. Make sure you reserve the apexes you have cut as they are going to be used later on.

Now it is time to choose calla lilies that you think will look the best in your bouquet. Go in for fully bloomed ones, as they are going to make your bouquet look even more beautiful. Start arranging them in the order of your choice. You can go by the rule of thumb by keeping the largest bouquet in the center and then arranging smaller ones around it.

Arrange vertically placed ginger leaves around these lilies. Once that is done stack your bunch together using a waterproof tape. You can bind it too tight or lose as per your preference. Use the more pliable leaves and stick them to the bouquet using an adhesive. Make sure that you start exactly below the flowers else your bouquet will look cluttered and messy. Wrap the design with leaves and you are done.

Voila! You have already created a homemade bouquet. So what is stopping you? Go ahead and create your own bouquet, after all it is not that difficult either.