Do it Yourself Flower Arrangements for Wedding

If you want to make sure everything at your wedding is just perfect, you need to be involved in all the wedding arrangements. This is close to impossible. As, there are many things that you can not contribute much to. But one thing wherein you can contribute well is the flower arrangements at your wedding. There are some do it yourself arrangements that you can try out at your wedding.

All these arrangements are very easy to execute. You just need to have certain things handy to make the whole task all the more easier. First of all you need to have an idea as to what kind of look do you want to achieve for your wedding venue. Surely there would be lots of ideas, do some scrutiny and come up with the best one.

One thing that can help you is the color scheme. When you decide a certain color pattern for the wedding venue you will automatically be ease at choosing the right type of flower arrangements for your wedding.

There are some popular arrangements that you can use for the decorations.

The first is to place bunches of your chosen flowers in the canning jars filled with water instead of the usual flower container. Decorate the canning jars with artificial animals. For instance, you can use a butterfly if your fiancé loves them. Also use some ribbons made of silk.

* An extremely romantic flower arrangement idea that you can execute yourself is to use candlesticks with lips in combination with the roses. Cover the rose stems with a piece of ivy. The roses have to be then stuck inside the candlesticks. They have to be secured with the help of candle fax. You can also use floral gum for the purpose. Fill the remaining part with water. This will look very beautiful.

* Try combining flowers with champagne glasses. You need champagne glasses made of either plastic or glass. Fill these glasses with water and add two large flowers with light colors like pink or white along with a small flower. Also add some stems. To make the arrangement more exclusive, tie a mirror around the base of the glasses.

* You can even use Frisbees to come up with an exciting arrangement. They can be used as flower containers. Fill them with water and add flower blossoms in the center also scatter some small flowers inside. Try adding flowers of complementing colors or completely opposite colors.

All these arrangements are easy to execute. So try out some of these arrangements and see how the wedding will be even more beautiful than you had imagined.