The Father of the Bride Speaketh

Well the moment of joy has finally arrived. You are also likely to become a bit emotional. You know that the time to bid her farewell has come. It is time for you to give her away to her husband and time for her to continue her life under his protection, care and love, with you no longer by her side.

Yes, it is your daughter's wedding ceremony and then again her precious wedding reception. The moment is not far away when you hand over your daughter in her  wedding gown to her man. It is time for the two of them to exchange wedding vows and rings.

As part of a traditional wedding ceremony, especially if you are Catholic, you will deliver the  father of the bride speech and then raise a toast to all of the guests and dignitaries present at this most important of all commitment ceremonies. A couple of points that you ought to note while preparing and reading out your speech are listed below:

* You should  welcome and express your gratitude to all of the guests present at the service, on your own and your wife’s behalf.
* Tell everyone in a humorous manner if possible, of the times and memories of your daughter. Tease and play on that emotion, if you can.
* Complement the groom on his looks and wish him all the best for his marital life (and, to kindly bear with your daughter).
* Finally, raise a toast to the bride and the groom, and wish them all the very best and a successful married life, with of course beautiful kids to spare!