Candles Are an Ideal Wedding Favor

Candle as favors for a wedding ceremony are a  popular choices for people who are getting married. An aesthetically designed colorful candle of a  beautiful shape that matches the overall theme of the occasion is a great choice as a wedding favor. Favors for wedding are meant to be kept as a memento and what else could be as nice a souvenir as an artistically molded candle.

Adding the wedding theme to your candle would remind your guests of  your wedding party. These candles are depiction of love and romances so your guests would love to receive them. Candle favors for wedding would be a perfect choice even for a traditional wedding ceremony as candles have long been known to be a part of decor for wedding reception. Candles also possess religious connotations.

If you are really looking for it as your wedding favor, you must decide on the kind of candle that you want. You can get good advice from your wedding planner. Always order them in advance while you are out on your wedding shopping. You must warn your wedding coordinators to ensure that the candles are gift wrapped and delivered to you in time.

Candles happen to be the most romantic of all choices as wedding favors. A classic or medieval wedding would in fact require classic light colored pillar candles to be offered as a favor. However, modern day couples like candles with more vibrant colors. A candle that is funnily shaped could be a choice if your wedding has an informal atmosphere.

Candle as a favor is a depiction of eternal love and romance. Candle is one of the most sought after personalized wedding favors in America. A heart shaped candle, colored in pink, happens to be a popular choice. For a beach wedding, candles could be molded in a shape that resembles shells.