How to Make a Deluxe Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Jordan almond flower favors are excellent return gifts for wedding guests. They are perfect reminders of the bitter-sweet experiences of married life. While ready-made ones will be loved by your guests, nothing can beat the joy that they will get on receiving a flower favor made by you especially for them. Here is a list of steps detailing how to make one.

1. Begin the process of making deluxe Jordan almond flower favors by placing one Jordan almond into its wire mesh holder. Once placed, wrap the wire mesh around the almond to secure it.

2. To make it look like a part of a natural stem, bend the stem of the holder outwards. Take care that you bend the wire mesh holder’s stem just enough to make visible its seam. This way, it will make it look like a natural stem.

3. Now you need to take a pearl spring and attach it to the wire mesh holder containing the almond. Secure them by twisting them around each other. Place a pearl rose in the center and put the pearl spring and almond stem around it securely.

4. Prepare a few more Jordan almond and spring pearl stems. Place these too around the centrally placed pearl rose stem. Twist all these securely within each other. Tightly hold them together in the form of a bouquet. Tie them up with a floral ribbon or tape of your choice.

5. In order to complete the look of a large flower, place rose petals between the base of each flower. They should be completely visible and should not come under any almond stems. Hold them together tightly by twisting their wires. Repeat the process till a flower like shape is not achieved.

6. In order to complete the look of the bouquet, it is necessary to hide away all the wires that have been used. With the help of floral tape, cover all the wire right from the top of the bouquet till the bottom. Wrap it once again, this time from the bottom to the top.

7. Complete the look with the help of a floral ribbon. Tie a floral ribbon in the form of a bow around the middle of the stem. If you want to further personalize this Jordan almond favor for somebody, then take help of cards. Attach these to the stem of the bouquet. Don’t forget to write you and your spouse’s name on it, along with the date of wedding.

In this way, your deluxe Jordan almond flower favor is complete. You can further decorate these flower favors by attaching different types of embellishments to them.