Different Ideas to Give Away Flower Seeds as Wedding Favors

When it comes to wedding favors you have several options to choose from. One of the hottest wedding favor ideas for the season is flower seeds. Flower seeds have caught the fancy of many as they are a cheap yet a highly innovative wedding favor idea. These seeds are sure to keep the memories of your wedding alive even years after your wedding.

You can choose from flower seeds of annuals or perennials, trees or shrubs, or even houseplants. Whilst flower seeds make for a good idea for a wedding favor, you certainly cannot give them lose to your guests. Correct packaging is the key. You can pack these wedding flower seeds in innovative ways to make for a decent and presentable wedding favor for your guests. Here are some ideas that you can put to use.

Envelope them
This is by far the easiest and simplest way to give away wedding flower seeds. Just put them in an envelope and give them away to your guests. You could opt for bright colored envelopes in red, lime, fuchsia, turquoise and the like. Personalized envelopes are also an interesting option. You could emboss these envelops with your own personalized messages for you guests.

Favor in a box
Using nice attractive boxes in different shapes is yet another idea to give away flower seeds as a wedding favor. These days you can easily find beautiful boxes in spectacular shapes and sizes. Amidst various other box types, the square variety is the most common. Boxes with polka dots are also a sure shot hit. You can even use ribbons and laces to further beautify these boxes.

Chocolaty affair
How about putting a small little seed packet beneath chocolates inside a box? Your guests would not just thank you for the dual gift but would be extremely impressed by your creativity. However, this is going to be slightly expensive.

The natural look
Take a small piece of jute or organza and put some seeds inside this and wrap it with a nice and decorative ribbon. This is a cheap yet a beautiful idea to give away flower seeds as wedding favors. The raw and natural look falls in absolute sync with the nature of flower seeds.

Pot it
No, you do not have to give those flower seeds laid inside a pot. Instead, there are miniature pots in various materials such as plastic and metals. Stuff these seeds inside the pot and you are sure to give away the best wedding flower seed favor ever.

Flower seeds are the perfect choice for wedding favor. But, you can dampen this absolutely perfect idea with imperfect packaging. So, pack it right and give away to have loads of appreciation coming your way.