Give Away Flowers As Wedding Favors

When it comes to wedding favors, you have more than just one option to go in for. While some people give chocolates, others give showpieces. But you can give away flowers as wedding favors. Giving away silk flowers as wedding favors is a great idea. Flowers as wedding favors are simple and heart warming. Your friends are going to appreciate the warmth that you express via this wedding favor. To add on, flowers as wedding favors are also a very cost effective idea. Here are some ideas to give away flowers as wedding favors.

Silk flower petals packed in beautiful pouches
Take some silk flower petals and stuff them in a bag or a pouch. You can mix different kind of petals or use petals of the same flower. If you are using petals of the same flower then you could consider using different colored petals.  Try to mix and match different colored petals to create a colorful wedding favor. You could even consider using cosmetic bags instead of pouches if giving this away to bridesmaids.

Flowers in flower girl basket
You can arrange flowers in a flower girl basket and give it away as a wedding favor. When using flowers in a flower basket; make sure that you create a beautiful floral arrangement. Use different colored flowers for this purpose. Mix and match various flowers to create a colorful effect. You could even consider using various embellishments such as pearl pins, crystals or decorative feathers for this one.

Single flower packed in a box
Take a single flower and pack it in a box. This single flower could be eventually used as a book mark or be placed in floral tubes and used as a center showpiece. Since you are using a single flower, you could opt for the exotic variety. Even a single rose bud will work well for this purpose. You may even consider using see through boxes for this purpose.

Flower bouquets

These days you get custom made floral bouquets. Giving away these floral bouquets is a great idea for sure. Since these bouquets make use of silk flowers, they will never wilt and stay with the recipient forever. So any time, the recipient of this wedding favor does not feel like buying fresh flowers for the centerpiece they have some thing to fall back upon. If you do not want to give away complete bouquets then you may even consider giving away flower picks and pins.

These are just some ideas that you can use to give away flowers as wedding favors. You can always come up with new creative ideas and give away this wonderful gift as your wedding favor.