Some Tips on Making Gerbera Daisy Wedding Favor

Gerbera daisy flowers are very simple in appearance and yet vibrant to look at. Hence, they are regularly used to decorate wedding reception tables. They are either tied up in a bunch to transfer to a flower vase, or are simply strewn across the table in small bunches. Here are a few tips for those of you who want to do a gerbera daisy flower on the wedding reception table.

1. Gerbera daisies are available in two varieties- the fresh ones and the silk ones. Choose between the two of them according to your preferences and budget. If you have chosen fresh daisies, check out local prices and compare them to the price of silk gerbera daisies. One important point is to be noted. The place where you live and the time of the year will determine availability of gerbera daisies (and their price).

2. If you have a big wedding, it is better to give a small Gerbera daisy favor to each of the guests. These are available in favor boxes sized 2x2x2. For bigger weddings or weddings with a generous budget, quilted favor boxes can be ordered for the guests.

3. Remember, along with the flowers, it is better to present a small treat to the guests. The thing that you can do with Gerbera wedding favor boxes is to fill each of them up with 20 Jordan almonds, or some other wedding favor treats. Another option that you can choose is pre-wrapped chocolates, which will be an excellent option if you have chosen fresh daisies.

4. Gerbera daisy favors need to be tied up in order to make them presentable. Organza ribbon can be used to tie up these favors. They are available in a variety of colors. You can choose the one which matches the theme of your wedding. Further, you can also opt to tie the gerbera daisies in the same colored organza ribbons. Make sure that you tie the daisies high on the stem. Also, make a bow out of the knot.

5. It is necessary to maintain a proper height of gerbera daisies in the favor box. The average height to be maintained is approximately three inches. However, this is not the limit as height can be adjusted by about half an inch. You can raise the height but do not make the daisies sit higher than the top of the favor box.

6. Fill a 2x2x2 sized, glossy-looking favor box with around 20 Jordan almonds or other similar wedding treats. Pick up a daisy flower and clip its daisy stem to approximately three inches. Place it in the box to finish the Gerbera Daisy wedding favor.