Great Wedding Favor Ideas

Ideas for gifts as wedding favors have evolved and changed over time. Wedding favors are an essential part of a Catholic wedding ceremony. Favors are always eagerly anticipated for, once the wedding reception and wedding ceremony is over. It is a sort of token souvenir that serves the form of a sweet reminder to the guests of the festivities and the celebration. Hence, every marrying couple wants favors to be unique and special.

Favors are a vital part of wedding ceremony. They could be anything and everything from pieces of crystal to complimentary customized show-pieces or mantelpieces. Some couples prefer to give chocolates, candies or other eatables wrapped up in custom-made packaging. This might include anything from a box of mints, to Jordan almonds in colors of gold, silver or white, heart-shaped candy floss, exotic coffee beans or leaves of tea. When considering wedding favors, you should pay a lot of attention to the packaging. An exclusive idea would be to present the favors in flavored petals or in organza bags.

Favors may also be designed keeping in mind the time of the year. The season can also be used as a theme. For example, autumn leaf candles, cinnamon or pine fragrant potpourris are favors you can give in the fall and winter season. You can further add your personal touch, by customizing it with a thanksgiving note or by writing a poem expressing your heartfelt appreciation. The groom and the bride, while purchasing their own bridal accessories, can also shop for miniature wine bottles, candle holders, or floating flower candles. These ideas are unique but sure ways to thank your near and dear ones.