Here are the Best Choices for Chocolate Wedding Favors

Many people give chocolate treats in their weddings as a part of wedding events. Guests love to receive chocolate as wedding favors. Gifts made of chocolate are greeted enthusiastically by guests.

Weddings with chocolate favors are also called chocolate weddings in a manner of speaking. There are many varieties of chocolate treats and some excellent choices of chocolates are offered in the weddings.

People love to gift gourmet truffles made of chocolate as wedding favors. Chocolate truffles are a perfect choice for wedding receptions. There are a number of confectioners who make these chocolate fantasies and offer a lot of variety in flavors and combinations. These chocolate treats are packed in boxes that match the color of the chocolate.

Chocolates can be prepared in a wide variety of shapes such as stars, or hearts. When you cover the chocolate favors with a small strip of foil, it becomes a style statement and will show how much class you have.

Many designers and manufacturers of the chocolate favors provide you wide variety of specialty themes. The prime specialty themes are poker chips and coins. As a part of this event, some people also play poker as a part of the theme. Other specialty flavors are chocolates filled with peanut butter, mint or sherry.

The humble chocolate candy bar can also be gifted as a favor at weddings. The name of the bride and the groom and the date of the marriage can be printed on the wrapper. Customized printing may be expensive of course. But who cares?

You can also get molded flavors of chocolate in a wide variety of themes to suit your tastes and preferences.