Johnny Depp’s Marriage

Johnny Depp got married at the age of twenty, much before he joined Hollywood. He had exchanged wedding rings with a by the name of  Lori Allison. It was in fact, Allison who introduced him to the world of Hollywood and introduced him to the prominent actor Nicholas Cage.

Over a period, the two became close friends and Cage gave him a break in acting. However, his marriage with Lori Allison didn't last for long and things reached rock-bottom when he was at the start of his acting career. It finally ended in a divorce.

Depp however, didn't make it big with his first movie, A Nightmare in Elm Street. It took some time before he delivered his first hit, called Edward Scissorhands. However, it wasn't through movies that he became famous. It was actually with a TV show called 21 jump street that he had his first brush with fame.

Besides this, he also made and starred in a couple of other films such as Ed Wood, Benny and Joon, and The Brave, got an entry in the Cannes Film Festival. After this, he took a long break from films, but only returned to deliver the blockbuster Pirates Of The Caribbean, that set the cash-registers ringing!

He was also involved in a couple of famous affairs with Winona Ryder and Kate Moss, before finally tying the knot again in true catholic wedding ceremony to the French actress, Vanessa Paradis. The ceremony took place a couple of years ago in a traditional wedding ceremony, which had elaborate wedding decoration and wedding planning right down to the wedding cake Johnny Depp is now settled in France with a four-year old daughter and one-year old son.