Pack Wedding Favors With Flowers

Flowers have numerous usages on your wedding day. Besides using them for the bridal bouquet or venue d├ęcor, you can also use them to pack your wedding favors. Packing wedding favors with flowers not just make your wedding favor look more beautiful but it also lends a personal touch.

Lose petals
Typically most people choose to give away wedding favors in bags. If you are also giving away your wedding favor in a bag then you may consider adding lose petals to the wedding favor bag. You can opt for petals of either real wedding flowers or go in for the silk variety. Alternatively, petal wedding confetti can also be used for the same.

A single flower
This is another simple yet beautiful way of packing your wedding favor. Whether you are giving away your wedding favor in a bag, box or even in a simple paper handbag, you can use this one for sure. Simply attach a single flower to your wedding favor packaging. Make sure you use sleek flowers for this purpose. A single rose bud, a calla lily or even a peony would work well for this purpose

In a line
Now this one does require some effort but it is sure to change the way your wedding flower looks. You could use this one only if you are giving away your wedding favors in a box or basket. Take several small sized flowers. You could use small rose buds or flowers like jasmine or anemone for this purpose. Now start placing these flowers in a line on the handle of the basket. Make sure that the flowers are tightly placed to create a uniform effect. If you are giving away your wedding favor in a box, you can place the flowers diagonally across the box. For circular boxes, place the flowers around the circumference of the box.

Scatter them loose
This is another simple way of packing wedding favors with flowers. Simply stick on the flowers randomly on wedding flower packaging. You could either use a single colored flower for this purpose or choose multiple colors of the same flower. If you are more creative, then you could even make some kind of a pattern with flowers. Flowers like carnation and gardenia will work well for this purpose.

If your budget allows, you can have special boutonnieres for the packing of wedding favors. Simply pin them to the wedding favor packaging and you are done. You need not go very elaborate on these boutonnieres. Even simple boutonnieres will work well for this purpose. Try to color coordinate the packaging and the boutonniere.

Try these simple packing ideas and you are sure to have a lot of appreciation coming your way.