Think of Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

A wedding can never be a success if you have missed out on wedding favors. Without wedding favors, your wedding can't be termed as a perfect wedding. There have been lots of traditional ways of offering wedding favors. However, traditions are changing. Gone are the days of boxes or nets. New and unique wedding favor ideas have come on the block.

Wedding favors have become increasingly personalized what with more and more personalized marriages. Customized theme weddings should have wedding favor ideas that match the theme. Your guests will remember unique wedding favors for a long time after the celebration.

Couples need to take care of this important aspect  while planning for their wedding. You may discuss with your wedding planner about the various options of customization of wedding favors. Accordingly, you can purchase the gifts in volume while you are out on wedding shopping. Modern day brides are very choosy about the gifts they want to give away as favors.

You have options in form of boxes, small bags and cookies. Boxes and bags could be adorned with colorful ribbons carrying the name of the couple and the wedding date. To give it a touch of perfection, guests' name could also be printed on the favor boxes.

A message from the couple could also be printed on the gift. This way guests will be reminded of the wonderful marriage ceremony. A name tag on the gift is also a very popular practice. A wedding favor is considered to be the style statement of the couple. The couple needs to be very particular about wedding favors. Wedding favors are usually gifts that are edible or can be displayed on the mantle.

The popularity of beautifully molded and aesthetically colored candles as wedding favor has soared and a lot of couples have given away candles as wedding favor gifts. You may also offer a photo frame or a picture album as a wedding favor. Some people have gone on printing wedding poems on wedding favors. It has turned out to be a unique and charming idea that keeps the guests reminded of the mutual love that the couple shares.

Online wedding planning guides may help you in choosing a wedding favor for your theme wedding. Wedding favor should also go with the place of wedding. For example, Hawaii weddings would have different wedding favor than a tropical wedding. A traditional wedding ceremony and a Honolulu wedding would also be different in terms of wedding favor.