Tips on Wedding Favors

Gifting wedding favors is a common practice in most marriages. Avoiding favors is not suited to the grandeur and elegance of a perfect wedding ceremony. Wedding favors add grace and involvement of guests in the wedding. It makes guests feel that they are a part of the wedding. It increases the guest's proximity with the couple. A unique wedding favor would always remind the guest of the wedding ceremony. The guest will cherish the memory of the marriage if gifted with a suitable wedding favor.

It is always possible for you to add a personal touch to wedding favors. With increasing number of theme marriages, favors have been made to suit the theme. If you are marriage is based on a theme then the favor should match the theme. A unique wedding favor is the most sought after essential of any wedding.

When you are planning for a wedding, you can seek tips from your wedding planner on a good wedding gift. And once you have decided on a wedding gift, you can buy it while you are out on your wedding shopping.

Options range from boxes, small bags and cookies. Boxes and bags could be decorated with colorful ribbons carrying the name of the couple and the wedding date. To give it a touch of perfection, guests name can be printed on the favor boxes.

A sweet message from the couple to the guest would be a wonderful idea. It could be clipped with the wedding favor. It could be either a funny message or a thank you note for attending the wedding.

Couples, nowadays long for wedding favors with the help of which they could make their own style statement. Beautiful candles to artistically designed table watches, anything could be considered for a wedding favor. Even a personalized cookie is a great idea.

Online wedding planning guides give you loads of advice on wedding favors. The type of wedding favors you select for your guest would depend a lot on where you are having the wedding and what is the theme of the wedding.