Wedding Coasters Are a Great Wedding Favor Idea

Wedding coasters are perhaps one of the cheapest and  most popular items that are given away as wedding favors. Coasters can be molded into different shapes or personalized as per your tastes and preferences. The cost of a beautifully made wedding coaster set of ten coasters is between forty to fifty dollars. Coaster could be made of thick white paper, plastic, stone, clay or anything else that could be given the shape of a coaster.

Choosing best suited wedding coaster requires you to consider the style and theme of the wedding and your personal preferences. It would greatly help you placed orders for wedding coasters well in advance. You should ask your wedding coordinators to make sure that the coasters are gift wrapped and delivered to you in time. Make sure that the person supplying you with the casters gift wraps them for you as it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Personalized wedding coasters as a wedding favor have become the order of the day. It's a small gift yet very attractive. It can have a beautiful and unique message and if designed well can be a treasured possession for guests.  If you want to be extravagant you may order silver or other metal coasters with engraved messages of the  date of wedding and name of the couple. It becomes a classy and elegant wedding favor and would go well with the grandeur of your wedding celebration.

Guests love to receive personalized wedding favors as they make them feel that they are an inseparable part of the ongoing marriage revelry. Coasters come in various shapes. They may be in round shape or in form of a square.

Wedding planner can suggest you places from which can supply you with wedding coasters. Sometimes, coasters reflect the place and venue of wedding reception. A Florida wedding or Hawaii wedding would have something printed on the coaster that might remind the guests of  Hawaii or Florida. A tropical wedding on island may have picture of island printed on the coasters.