Wine as Wedding Favors

Wine wedding favors suit the grandeur and majesty of a traditional wedding ceremony. Modern day marriages too have been found to be offering wine as wedding favors. It symbolizes revelry and ongoing festivity on the wedding occasion. It gives the age old message of eat, drink and be merry.

A wine wedding favor can only be given to adult guests. In case you are giving  wine wedding favors to adult guests, you might consider chocolate favors for kids. This may turn out to be a bit expensive. You shouldn’t mind the expense. A wedding is once in a lifetime occasion so, why cut short the expenses.

Miniature wine bottles could be a favorable choice. These wine bottles could be given a personalized touch by labeling a personalized message on the bottle. These wines with bottle could be ordered in bulk from the liquor shop suggested by your wedding planner. A more personalized option offer would be offering the same wine that has been served at the wedding reception.

You should plan for such a wedding favor in advance. Wedding coordinators could be told to offer these wine gift packs when guest leave the venue. In Hawaii weddings, a local Hawaiian wine could be offered. That would remind the guests of the place.

This favor depicts sophistication and elegance. Beautiful silver or crystal bottles could be used to offer wine. Silver heart wine bottles and glass wine stoppers happen to be a very popular choice in  modern day marriages. Mini cocktail shakers can also be given as wedding favors. They are available in beautiful shapes.

Labels carrying the name of the couple and date and place of marriage can be pasted on the wine bottles. A Beautiful bottle can be kept as a memento of the wedding.